The Greater Germanic Reich or (Großdeutsches Reich) was the official name of the nation that Nazi Germany attempted to establish during the Second World War.

Planned borders Edit

The GGR, which would have been a pan-Germanic Empire, would have assimilated Germany, Austria, German occupied Poland, the Netherlands, Flemish Belgium, Luxembourg, Demnark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the German speaking parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the rest of Germanic Europe. It would have stretched up to the Ural Mountains in Russia. The country would also have some satellite and puppet states.

The plan for the Greater Germanic Reich came from the principle of lebensraum and its borders were to be achieved through military force during the war. A large element of its ideals, including its name and some of its borders, were based off the Holy Roman Empire (a country that existed in the region centuries prior and often referred to as the 1st Reich).

Foreign relations Edit

Most German speaking regions of the world would have, if the GGR had been established, been under German control. Its main rival would likely be the United Kingdom and its Empire (assuming Britain came to the negotiating table, rather than being invaded). Many accounts depict how Hitler secretly admitted that he admired the British Empire and did not want to see its demise, as this would benefit other countries far more than it would benefit Germany. Throughout much of the war, the hope was that the UK would eventually become a reliable ally of the Germans.

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